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Domiciliation service

Domiciliation with Fradeco - Our French-German domiciliation service allows you to use an official business address in France or Germany.

Our domiciliation gives you a legal, commercial and tax address for your company without having to be physically present. As soon as you finalise the contract, you can use the address immediately and pass it on to customers, suppliers or authorities. This gives your company the flexibility to be present in Germany or France without having to maintain a physical office. Whether in France or Germany, our service offers you an uncomplicated solution that fits seamlessly into your business processes.

Our competences at a glance.

Our service for receiving your business mail in France or Germany ensures that you don't miss any important messages. We digitise incoming mail on request so that you have immediate access to your documents, no matter where you are. The originals are forwarded to you once a month.

We also offer the option of sending your mail to Germany or vice versa to make your business processes even more flexible. This keeps your business mobile and efficient without you having to worry about the physical location of your correspondence.

We are happy to provide you with a telephone service. Our Franco-German team will either take incoming calls in your company name and answer them according to your instructions or either forward the calls directly to you or note down messages that you can call up later.

We can answer standard enquiries from your customers and also receive and forward written messages if required. With this service, we ensure that your customers and partners always reach a competent contact person and that communication runs smoothly.

Communication can take place in German, French or English.

Our address is permanent. There is no time limit on your domicile, which means you have a long-term, stable address for your business. This creates trust with your customers and partners, as they know that your business address will not change suddenly. So with us, you enjoy stability and security for your business.

Our domiciliation service helps you to save on rental costs, as rental contracts in France are generally concluded for 3, 6 or 9 years. In addition, deposits often have to be paid. This means you don't have to worry about rental contracts, insurance or additional costs such as water and electricity. This not only saves you money, but also time and energy, which you can invest in your core business. What's more, with us you always have a local Franco-German and international contact who will be happy to help you.

We are happy to provide you with our office space in France or Germany for a day or on an hourly basis and offer all the advantages of a professional office without you having to make the long-term financial commitment of a fixed office rental.

Our Franco-German tax consultancy firm will be happy to assist you with domiciliation and tax registration in France or Germany and with applying for the relevant tax numbers.

Michael Stiller - FRADECO Franco-German tax consultancy - cabinet d'expertise comptable franco-allemand

Michael Stiller

Founder | Tax Consultant | Expert-Comptable

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