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Payroll Accounting & HR Services

Payroll accounting & HR services

Comprehensive HR services in France and Germany - competent, internationally versatile and networked.

Together with our international team, we are at your side for all HR-related matters - from payroll accounting and payroll accounting to the introduction of new HR management systems in the respective country. We are also happy to advise you on the digitalisation of various HR processes in France or Germany. For example, if you are planning to introduce an electronic personnel file or digitalise your travel management, including travel expense accounting, simply get in touch with us.

Our competences at a glance.

Our services are focussed exclusively on the German and French markets. We offer comprehensive support in the implementation of your payroll accounting in the respective country. Our experienced team of payroll experts will provide you with discreet, comprehensive and competent support to answer all your payroll-related questions in the respective country and minimise risks.

Advice is provided in German, French or English. Each of your payslips is processed by a specialised expert who is familiar with the specific exemptions and complexities in Germany and France. Our payroll team members have extensive training and many years of professional experience, and they always keep their expertise up to date through continuous training programmes.

We simplify the payroll accounting process with clear digital workflows, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on legally compliant payroll accounting and advice instead of data entry and administration.

By outsourcing your payroll accounting, you can also protect yourself from staff shortages in your own company. Sickness absence, holidays or staff changes could otherwise delay payroll, but with our service we ensure that your payroll is always processed accurately and on time. See also the section "HR administration & outsourcing & holiday replacement in France or Germany".

Our expertise lies in the identification and selection of international profiles and executives at middle and senior management levels, both nationally and internationally. We specialise in candidates who are not only suitable for their respective positions, but who also fit well into the international environment of our clients. These candidates generally have the necessary language skills and intercultural understanding to operate successfully in a global working environment.

We create precise skills and requirements profiles that reflect the current realities of the international labour market. Based on this, we search discreetly and directly for suitable candidates, not only checking their professional qualifications and references, but also matching their working methods and personal attitudes with the requirements of an international corporate culture.

Our consulting does not end with the successful placement. We support the international profiles as they enter their position and maintain regular dialogue with them and our international clients. Our language skills in English, French and German enable us to identify suitable international profiles and provide our international clients with the best possible support. This creates long-term relationships characterised by trust and integrity.

Once you have successfully completed your recruitment process in France or Germany, we will be happy to support you with personnel management and the retention of new and existing employees.

We offer you comprehensive or specific solutions that can also be implemented on site at your company in France or Germany. Our international HR team is available to you on fixed days or as required and will answer not only your questions but also those of your employees. This means that your employees have a direct point of contact for administrative HR issues.

This includes, for example, the following services:

  • Support for on and off-boarding processes
  • Administration of corporate benefits
  • Management of the company pension scheme for employees
  • Maternity and parental leave Administration
  • Management of employee appraisals
  • Certification system
  • Certificates
  • Management of digital personnel files
  • Management of personnel costs
  • Processing of registration certificates
  • Absence management (holiday requests, sick notes)
  • Assistance with registration (health insurance, immigration office, tax office, etc.)
  • Onboarding for employees from abroad: visa extension, Blue Card, SV process, registration, health insurance
  • Personnel controlling
  • Reports
  • Holiday cover for HR staff
  • Monitoring travel costs and expenses

Another advantage is our professional interface processing between bookkeeping, accounting and payroll accounting.

A personnel management system usually offers an "all-in-one" software solution and therefore an efficient and digital solution for various personnel administration tasks, from job advertisements to the creation of employment references. The diverse application options include

  • Efficient management of personnel processes from job advertisements to the creation of references
  • Wide range of applications, including
    • Acceptance and forwarding of applications
    • Guarantee of data protection
    • Fast processing of applications
    • Communication with applicants
    • Recording of working hours
    • Holiday requests
    • Processing of sick notes
    • Travel requests and settlement of travel expenses
    • Direct access to personnel files
  • User-friendliness and flexible use from anywhere and at any time, both via computer and mobile devices

This application offers ease of use and the flexibility to access all functions from anywhere and at any time, both via computers and mobile devices. Our international HR experts are on hand to help you select the right software, assist with implementation and provide employee training.

Continuous training of your employees in France and Germany is crucial for competitive success today. Given the challenges of external recruitment of skilled labour, the development of your existing workforce is becoming increasingly important, especially in an international environment.

Our aim is to specifically strengthen your employees for their tasks and support them in their implementation. The training content is closely linked to the respective Franco-German working environment to ensure that what has been learnt can be put directly into practice.

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Success factors for employee retention and employer attractiveness in France and Germany
  • Development and implementation of an integrated personnel development concept
  • Conception of suitable training measures for France or Germany
  • Realisation of the training measures in France or Germany
  • Basics of the HR area
    • Core tasks of personnel administration
    • Process flows
    • Certification system
    • Personnel file
    • Praktisches Arbeitsrecht (Urlaub, Mutterschutz, Elternzeit, Versetzung, Befristung)
  • HR training specialities Wages & salaries France and Germany
  • Introduction to payroll accounting with practical training

Our approach is based on strengthening existing skills. This is why we attach great importance to pragmatic methods, clarity and transparency in our events and their preparation and follow-up.

We also offer training for HR teams to inform them about the specific characteristics of the respective neighbouring country. We also provide information on current pay issues and organise training courses on success factors for employee retention and employer attractiveness in France or Germany.

Free yourself from isolated solutions and paper-based processes in the HR department.

If you want digital processes in France or Germany but don't want to start with a comprehensive HR management system straight away, we can offer you an alternative: For travel expense management in Germany, we recommend HRworks as well as Circula. In France, we also work with Cleemy in addition to Spendesk. 

Contact us to find out more about the functions of the various applications and our experience with them.

We will be happy to advise you on which application is the best solution for your requirements - whether in Germany or France.

Michael Stiller - FRADECO Franco-German tax consultancy - cabinet d'expertise comptable franco-allemand

Michael Stiller

Founder | Tax Consultant | Expert-Comptable

Susanne Wiener - FRADECO Franco-German tax consultancy - cabinet d'expertise comptable franco-allemand

Susanne Wiener

Founder | Tax Consultant | Auditor | Expert-Comptable

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