The statutory minimum wage in France (SMIC) 2023


The French minimum wage, the so-called SMIC (" Salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance ") has been since 1 January 2023 at 11.27 euros per hour and 1,709.28 euros per month (gross in each case)which corresponds to a monthly net amount of approx. 1 353 Euro corresponds.


For example, the French minimum wage SMIC has already been increased by 5.6 % in three stages due to inflation in 2022:

  1. Increase in the French SMIC by 0.9 % on 1 January 2022: the amount of the SMIC gross hourly rate was increased from 10.48 euros to 10.57 euros from this date
  2. 2.65 % on 1 May 2022, i.e. the SMIC's hourly rate was set at EUR 10.85
  3. 2.01 % on 1 August 2022, i.e. an SMIC rate of 11.07 euros gross per hour.
In their current 2022 report, the French experts are already recommending a new reform with regard to raising the SMIC. One of the proposed solutions is, for example, to strengthen the role of collective bargaining by linking the SMIC to the average development of minimum wages in a "panel of representative sectors".

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