Change of tax adviser

A good relationship between tax advisor and client is the prerequisite for a long-term and successful cooperation. If you feel inadequately advised by your current tax advisor, a change of tax advisor is possible without any problems. We will be happy to assist you with this important step.

How does a change of tax advisor proceed?

1. initial interview

During an initial meeting with our partners, you can present your company to us and formulate your ideas as well as your expectations of the cooperation. We will present our team and our approach to you for this purpose.


2. termination of the tax adviser

The next step is to terminate the current tax advisor contract. For this, the notice periods must be strictly observed. In Germany, there is no legally prescribed period of notice for a tax advisor, but it is possible that a period of notice has been agreed in individual tax advisor contracts. In France, the notice period is usually 3 months before the end of the financial year. It is easiest to transfer at the end of the financial year, but transfers during the year are also possible. Reasons for termination do not have to be given.


3. conclusion of a new tax consultancy agreement

In our tax consultant contract, in French "lettre de mission", the need for consultation, the future cooperation and the distribution of tasks are defined.


4. data transmission

For the tax advisor and data transfer, the data transfer can be made via Datev computer centre. Otherwise, the accounting files can be determined via CSV file. In France, the electronic accounting file - "fichiers des écritures comptables (FEC)". is needed.


5. power of attorney

In the next step, the power of attorney for the representation of tax matters in Germany is collected and the so-called ".procuration"signed. We are also setting up access to the French website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance www.impô on. This access contains all official online services of the French Directorate General of Public Finance - la Direction générale des finances publiques (DGFiP).


6. setting up the accesses for digital accounting

We set up the access to the accounting software. It is up to you whether we do the accounting on your accounting software or on our firm's software. You can find more details in the section "our software solutions". If required, we offer software training for your staff.


7. start of the cooperation

In order to be able to fine-tune the respective tasks at the beginning of the cooperation, we set up regular "jours fixes" on.

We are looking forward to a trustful cooperation!


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